Men aged 70 years still had regular sex and could even impregnate women one hundred years ago. Today, only 20% of men can have sex at the age of 70. And less than 3% of men who are older 70 years can have regular sex. What happen to other men? Why do they quit having full sexual life?

Erectile dysfunction has become one of the most popular illnesses in the XXI century. Widespread and steady growth of erectile disorders in the population prompted the World Health Organization to include erectile dysfunction to one most important problems of today. Moreover, in 2000, there was legally registered “fundamental right of citizens to sexual health” in the arch of WHO documents.

datura_levitraOver the centuries, mankind has been looking for the ideal pharmacological agents capable of restoring “virility”. Expansion of knowledge in the field of erectile disorders in both the private issue of sexual dysfunction in general, introduced innovations formed not only the degree of preference for a particular type of correction, but also changed the structure of waiting for the result. The whole history of treatment of erectile dysfunction is a path from despair to hope, and in this way eagerness of the potential consumers has grown steadily from any improvement. People have craved for full, high-quality sexual relationships, which is not determined solely by the quality of the erectile response.

Even the ancient Greeks and Egyptians had recipes to restore potency. Homer recommended as the seeds of Datura flowers and ferns a cure for ED. “Sexual weakness” has been combated through the use of aphrodisiacs over the centuries. Aristotle was the first who pointed out the influence of cantharidin on the human sexual function. In his orgies, there Marquis de Sade used a substance that in large doses resulted in death. Cantharidin is currently used in the sex industry, is part of many aphrodisiacs, and is commonly known as Spanish fly. People who lived in medieval Italy, fought impotence by rubbing the genitals with sperm of a crocodile, brandy mixed with seeds of burdock, crushed the left testicle of triennial goat and hair from the back of a white puppy.

levitra_bayer_genericThe invention of Vardenafil started a new age in erectile dysfunction treatment. Men all over the world have trusted this medication and succeed. They started to live full life. Vardenafil is a logical continuation of the legendary Viagra, but its power is 10 times greater. It is curious that the beneficial effects of Viagra on male power were discovered purely by chance. This, along with increased potency observed stimulation of the heart and increased blood circulation in other organs, particularly the brain.

Vardenafil is a product targeted by search scientists and pharmacists, largely devoid of the shortcomings of their predecessors. For the first time this facility was obtained in 1998 by specialists of pharmaceutical company Bayer AG and GlaxoSmithKline. Since then Vardenafil has become one of the most popular remedies used to treat ED.